SUPREMATIC - Software Development and IT Consulting Services in Stuttgart, Germany - Red Square, Kazimir Malevich, 1915

SUPREMATIC is a software company with core competencies in software architecture, software development, and DevOps.

We believe the right technology choices are crucial for keeping costs down and ensuring your project succeeds.

Starting a new project or launching a startup?

We are here to assist with technology research and rapid prototyping. That significantly reduces possible risks and frees up more time and resources for core business ideas.

Dealing with more challenging or legacy projects?

We provide expert assistance with various technical challenges to ensure your projects stay on track. Our services include enhancing existing system functionalities, transitioning from legacy systems or prolonging the lifetime of legacy systems, migrating from monolithic architectures to microservices, moving systems to cloud environments, and helping pass mandantory security certifications.

Our offer

Free Project Architecture Audit

This session lasts 2 hours and is held in small groups.

Agile Fixed Price Contract

Suitable for new development and legacy modernization projects.
We are committing to deliver the agreed-upon functionality within a budget and offer a warranty on the outcomes.

Hourly rate / „Time and Materials“

Suitable for consulting, technical supervision and smaller development projects.