Black Circle, Kazimir Malevich, 1915

We have successfully worked on projects in diverse business areas.

SUPREMATIC’s ideas and approaches may not always look mainstream, but in the end they help our customers to SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE COSTS, EFFORTS AND TIME.

Our customers include experts in banking and finance, networking and communications, the automotive industry, and the public sector.

  • Projects
  • Software Development
  • Research / Rapid Prototyping
  • DevOps
  • Business areas
  • Banking and Finance
  • Automotive
  • Networking and Communications
  • Output Management
  • Customers
  • Daimler Truck AG
  • DekaBank
  • Mercedes-Benz AG
  • NTT Germany AG & Co. KG
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Smilart
  • VTB Bank (Europe) SE


  • Languages
  • Clojure / ClojureScript
  • Erlang/OTP
  • Java / Enterprise Java
  • Rust
  • Python
  • Technologies
  • React / React Native
  • Databases (SQL / NoSQL)
  • Eclipse (RCP) / OSGi
  • RabbitMQ (AMQP / MQTT)
  • Keycloak (IAM / CIAM)
  • Kubernetes
  • Know-how
  • High availability
  • Rich user interfaces
  • Functional programming
  • Computer vision
  • Machine Learning

Our offer

Free Project Architecture Audit

This session lasts 2 hours and is held in small groups.

Agile Fixed Price Contract

Suitable for new development and legacy modernization projects.
We are committing to deliver the agreed-upon functionality within a budget and offer a warranty on the outcomes.

Hourly rate / „Time and Materials“

Suitable for consulting, technical supervision and smaller development projects.