Sportsmen, Kazimir Malevich, 1931

We are well-versed in software architecture, development, and DevOps. These terms can sometimes be broad and a bit unclear.

To keep it simple: We use various programming languages and technology stacks to create practical solutions for common business problems.

Custom Software Development - Kazimir Malevich style

Custom Software Development

A trusted pair of hands ensuring your project’s success and meeting every deadline.

Our team brings a range of skills to support your distributed system development needs. From technical expertise to individual developers, we adapt to your setup, whether remote or on-site.

DevOps Services & Consulting


DevOps supports businesses of all types, whether technology-focused or not, in responding quickly to customer needs and market changes.

This method enhances the speed of software development and deployment by integrating development and operational processes.

Legacy Systems Modernization Services - Kazimir Malevich style

Legacy Systems Modernization

A typical business task includes ensuring your current systems running smoothly for longer.

By doing this, we help businesses get more out of their investment (ROI), make sure they’re following all the latest rules and regulations, and give them the extra time they need to switch to new software when they’re ready.

RabbitMQ (AMQP / MQTT) Service Provider

RabbitMQ (AMQP / MQTT)

RabbitMQ, an open-source implementation of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), plays a crucial role in building scalable, reliable, and highly available distributed systems. RabbitMQ clusters facilitate efficient asynchronous communication across application components, ensuring seamless message processing and delivery.

Keycloak IAM/CIAM Services & Consulting

Keycloak (IAM / CIAM)

Keycloak is an open-source solution that manages Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM).

It secures and simplifies access to applications by centralizing the authentication and authorization process.

Monitoring and Observability Setup - Kazimir Malevich style

Monitoring and Observability

Monitoring involves the use of agents throughout an application’s environment to regularly collect performance-related metrics, such as load times and CPU usage, and identify performance bottlenecks. It traditionally focuses on known metrics and issues, which are defined in advance.