Keycloak (IAM / CIAM)
Keycloak IAM/CIAM Services & Consulting

Keycloak is an open-source solution that manages Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM).

It secures and simplifies access to applications by centralizing the authentication and authorization process.

Keycloak is important for both IT-oriented and non-IT sectors such as logistics, automotive, and others, because it simplifies security and access management, integrates seamlessly with various technologies, saves development time, and scales with your organization’s growth.

Professional Keycloak IAM/CIAM Consulting Services

Why Keycloak?

  • Security and Simplification

    It consolidates user authentication across multiple systems, improving security and user management.
  • Flexibility

    Adapts to various tech environments with support for OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML 2.0.
  • Efficiency

    Eliminates the need for businesses to build their own authentication systems.
  • Scalability

    Efficiently manages large numbers of users and sessions, ideal for growing businesses.

Pros and Cons of Using Keycloak


  • Open Source

    Freely available for customization and integration, reducing costs and enhancing adaptability.
  • Large Community

    Benefits from a robust community that contributes to its development, providing a wealth of resources and support.
  • Flexible Authentication

    Facilitates identity brokering with social logins and supports multiple identity providers seamlessly.


  • Complex Setup

    While configuration can be complex, the strong community and comprehensive documentation help mitigate this challenge.
  • Resource Intensive (HA)

    Keycloak may require significant resources for high-availability installations, although careful planning and efficient deployment can help manage these demands effectively.
  • Limited Customization

    Some limitations in customization can be overcome through extensions and community contributions.

Keycloak offers a powerful framework for organizations aiming to enhance their identity management systems while ensuring high security and scalability.

Our offer

Free Project Architecture Audit

This session lasts 2 hours and is held in small groups.

Agile Fixed Price Contract

Suitable for new development and legacy modernization projects.
We are committing to deliver the agreed-upon functionality within a budget and offer a warranty on the outcomes.

Hourly rate / „Time and Materials“

Suitable for consulting, technical supervision and smaller development projects.

Keycloak Managed Hosting & Support Services

Keycloak as a Service

Keycloak, an open-source identity and access management solution, offers a robust platform to handle user authentication and authorization effectively.

However, managing Keycloak in-house can be resource-intensive and complex.

Keycloak HA Cluster Setup & Consulting Experts

KeyCloak Cluster in Kubernetes

Setting up a Keycloak HA cluster using Kubernetes significantly enhances the reliability and scalability of your identity and access management system.

High availability is essential because it prevents service interruptions that can lead to user dissatisfaction and potential revenue loss. In identity management, downtime can prevent users from accessing critical services, making HA even more crucial.